Apply for Certification

How can you Apply? 

  1. Determine your Living Wage Employer group:

  •  Living Wage Employers paying at least the Living Wage hourly rate to every eligible employee**;

  • Living Wage Employers with tipped employees. The employer’s hourly rate plus the employee’s average tips equal at least the Living Wage hourly rate;

  •  Living Wage Employers paying basic needs benefits that contribute to compensation equal to at least the Living Wage hourly rate for every eligible employee.  Basic needs include: housing, food, clothing, child care, and transportation; or

  •  Employers Aspiring to Pay a Living Wage. They cannot now pay a living wage.  They file an application every year making a commitment  to work toward paying a Living Wage hourly rate and provide a brief summary of progress.

 Exceptions to Paying the Living Wage Rate:

  • Apprenticeships;

  • Government funded youth programs;

  • Internships;

  • Employees in probationary status (limited to six months): or

  • Employees working fewer than 35 hours a week who are under 18 years of age.


  1. Get the form for your Employer Group and your area: (for Amherst these forms are coming soon):

    A. Living Wage employers (Form 1);

    B. Living Wage employers Paying Basic Needs (Form 2);

    C. Living Wage Employers with Tipped Employees (Form 3); or

    D. Aspiring Employers (Form 4).


  1. Send the completed and signed forms to:

Living Wage Western Mass
P.O. Box 60034
Florence, MA 01062

Or send your form to Kitty Callaghan at

If you have questions email them to Kitty Callaghan or give her a call at (413) 387-7680.